Notable e-Discovery Articles 7/7 - 7/13

5 Myths About Records Management

Some good reminders about when to start thinking about records management and ownership of documents.  We often think about the implications of deleting records too soon, but the opposite can also affect litigation significantly.

Automated Management of Legal Holds 

An interesting blog discussing the prevalence and adoption of automated legal hold models.  A look at some recent federal court cases and how the legal hold step has become an indispensable element of e-Discovery.

Keyword Advertising and Trademark Infringement

Ever wonder if there are any repercussions for purchasing a competitor's name/trademark for your ad campaign?  This article sheds some light on recent court cases that address these issues, but it may not give you the clear cut answers you're looking for.  Since most keyword litigation cases don't make it as far as the courtroom, there's few precedents to choose from, and some are contrary.  A great article to get an overview and make an informed decision.

Social Media Continues To Impact Litigation and Trial

A brief look at recent scenarios where social media has had a significant impact on litigation.  Some good links to resources that discuss different aspects of social media and how it is affecting all legal matters, including use in litigation and jury selection.

Questions about Google+?  Here's a Cheat Sheet.

With millions of early adopters claiming it's the best thing since sliced bread, and others wondering how in the world it's different from Facebook, here's a quick guide to the ins and outs of Google+.