Notable e-Discovery Articles 6/30 - 7/6

Foreign Language e-Discovery – An Introduction

We're definitely seeing more and more cases involving overseas collection efforts and reviewing foreign language documents.  This article is a good overview into the options available to review teams for translating documents, reviewing them, and ultimately producing them.

Non-English Language Search Design

Don't forget native language slang terms and alternative spelling.  A good overview of some of the more common languages litigators run into with a link to the full whitepaper.

How Early Does the Duty to Preserve Arise in Litigation?

A look at two cases, - Hynix Semiconductor Inc. v. Rambus Inc. andMicron Technology Inc. v. Rambus Inc., and how the courts treated "reasonably foreseeable" in the scope of preservation.

How Much Data Will Humans Create & Store This Year? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A fun (slightly alarming) graphical look at how much data is projected to be created and stored this year.  You may be surprised!  This number statistically has doubled every two years, according to a recent study by IDC and EMC.