Notable e-Discovery Articles 7/14 - 7/20

Ascending to the Cloud Creates Negligible E-discovery Risk

"...Cloud users will undoubtedly benefit from advances in technology as well as the experience that cloud administrators have gained in responding to e-discovery requests.

The hope is that these efficiencies will translate directly to the end-user. At the end of the day, in-house counsel should be confident that (if managed properly) the benefit of moving a company’s data to the cloud outweighs the risks and costs associated with producing data from the cloud as part of a lawsuit."

Court Case Tests Right To Withhold Passwords

The Department of Justice is attempting to compel a defendant to share her hard drive encryption key, which might violate her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

Do Lawyers Need to Just “Eat Their Peas” (Learn E-Discovery)?

We all know the firms where certain lawyers don't even own a computer, let alone understand concepts and processes behind ediscovery.  This blog post provides some great perspective on those individuals and firms.

How to Manage ESI to Rein In Runaway Costs

It's easy for e-discovery costs to get out of hand.  This article provides some good insight into creating a consistent, defined, and documented process for handling e-discovery.