Notable e-Discovery Articles 6/22 - 6/29

E-Discovery Basics: Collection of ESI (Vol. 1, No. 7) - Gibson Dunn

Collection methodologies that companies may consider include employee self-collection, IT-assisted collection and collection by an outside service provider (commonly referred to as an e-discovery vendor). To make informed decisions about which methodology to use, companies should consider the risks associated with each and the extent to which courts or requesting governmental agencies will find a particular approach acceptable.

Building An Effective Discovery Response Team - Ogletree Deakins

The discovery response team plays a continuing, though changing, role throughout the life cycle of a case. Its effectiveness will dramatically impact the costs of defense and potentially affect the outcome of the case. Therefore, building a solid team at the outset is essential.

The Cloud Isn't Shrinking IT Departments Yet

"Shrinking the IT department and cutting down on costs are two commonly touted benefits of cloud computing. We've reported before about estimates of how many IT jobs would be eliminated by cloud computing. But so far, we're not seeing that happen. Instead, firms are hiring more IT staff and paying them more."

Clearwell Systems Survey Finds Cloud and Social Media Applications will be Twice as Relevant in E-Disclosure by End of 2011

"...our research indicates that 34 percent of companies are currently using cloud-based applications and another 21 percent plan to, which means that e-disclosure activities will have to incorporate these new enterprise data sources. These two market trends exacerbate the urgency for enterprises to take the necessary precautions and implement the proper processes to meet the ever-changing demands of rising litigation requests. Organisations must proactively address cloud computing and social media as part of their overall e-disclosure strategies, or otherwise expose themselves to magnified risk and added expense.”

The Storage Problem You Can't Ignore

"We must do the hard work of figuring out the right mix of policies and technologies to balance access, performance vs. capacity, security, and short- and long-term costs. We must figure out what, exactly, we're paying per gigabyte for internal storage so we can do an intelligent total-cost-of-ownership analysis of not only various cloud service alternatives, but also new technologies like solid-state drives, deduplication, and storage virtualization."