Streamline Increases to 3 Relativity Certified Administrators

Streamline's Electronic Project Manager, Ara, has been recognized as a Relativity Certified Administrator by kCura Corporation, developers of the industry leading document review and e-Discovery platform.

RCA certification is granted to select individuals based on their experience in managing Relativity in the field, plus a rigorous examination that tests both knowledge of Relativity and the ability to use the application in practical, hands-on exercises.  In addition to recognition of their expertise Certified Administrators also receive direct access to second level kCura support, which enhances their ability to leverage Relativity as a solution for clients.

RCAs are recognized as Relativity experts. Service providers with RCAs on staff are recognized to assure their clients that cases will be managed by a professional who understands the full capabilities of Relativity.

Streamline Imaging is a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner of kCura Corporation.