Streamline Increases to 3 Relativity Certified Administrators

Streamline's Electronic Project Manager, Ara, has been recognized as a Relativity Certified Administrator by kCura Corporation, developers of the industry leading document review and e-Discovery platform.

RCA certification is granted to select individuals based on their experience in managing Relativity in the field, plus a rigorous examination that tests both knowledge of Relativity and the ability to use the application in practical, hands-on exercises.  In addition to recognition of their expertise Certified Administrators also receive direct access to second level kCura support, which enhances their ability to leverage Relativity as a solution for clients.

RCAs are recognized as Relativity experts. Service providers with RCAs on staff are recognized to assure their clients that cases will be managed by a professional who understands the full capabilities of Relativity.

Streamline Imaging is a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner of kCura Corporation.

Streamline's Connor McCormick Earns Relativity Review Specialist Certification

Portland, OR November 6, 2014 - Streamline Imaging, Portland's preferred eDiscovery and document management provider announced today that Connor McCormick passed kCura's Certified Review Specialist exam.  kCura added this new certification for the Relativity environment to demonstrate a user's knowledge of the core review features in the database review software.

Connor joined the Streamline team in April of 2014 and focuses on Relativity support and project management.

Streamline clients are assured their matters are handled by a team of professionals with a high level of Relativity expertise and experience.  kCura is known for their highly challenging exams that measure a user's ability to work in the environment and knowledge of features and workflow.