Our Mission Statement

Streamline Imaging’s vision is to be a premier provider of digital document solutions and eDiscovery solutions in the Portland and Boise legal communities. To be premier means to be a successful, manageable, value-driven community that has every technical resource for our client’s digital needs. To accomplish our vision, Streamline aims to provide superior service to every customer by always finding the most cost effective solution and by giving the utmost in quality work while building and maintaining personable relationships.

Our Values

Streamline has managed its growth to remain nimble as we believe a smaller organization of skilled operators is best suited to respond to our clients. From the ownership to entry-level staffers, our clients can expect the entire organization to provide immediate answers and adapt to meet our customers deadlines.

The key to providing better service is to be more relevant to the needs of our users and customers. Our approach is to invest in the personal relationship with each customer and listen better. This goes beyond just hearing what our customers are saying. “Listening” is active and emotional, “hearing” is passive and passionless. “Listening means getting deep in the customer experience, allowing us to foster creativity and provide better products and services. We listen so we can be responsive to our client’s needs as well as be a better partner—approachable, caring, and friendly.

Streamline goes beyond typical eDiscovery services. We are consultants who specialize in optimizing all aspects of litigation support. We do this by providing operational strategies that improve efficiencies. These efficiencies save time, and in our business saving time, saves our client’s money. From helping our clients develop and intelligent IT strategies to placing an emphasis on investing in technology that allows our clients to access and retrieve data more efficiently, we work with your organization to develop information management practices that allow you to cost effectively manage, locate, preserve, and collect data.

Responsiveness is nothing without accuracy, which is why Streamline has developed multiple layers of QA practices and procedures to ensure the information we capture and generate is mistake-free and meets our client’s specifications in every job.

By consistently exceeding our client’s expectations, Streamline has emerged as a trusted partner to the Portland legal community. Our reputation is on the line with every project, and we strive to give our clients a reason to keep coming back.

Protecting data while managing it for legal and regulatory demands is increasingly complex and burdensome. By assembling a team of respected experts with a breadth and depth of experience, Streamline offers the Portland legal community proven support resources that intimately understand the pressures our clients face when tasked with preparing for and responding to pressing and sensitive litigation matters.