As an e-Discovery service provider in the Northwest, it's only natural that a good deal of our clients have personal computers at home that are Macs.   The challenge with using kCura's Relativity review platform is that it can only be accessed via Internet Explorer.  This is due to the viewer technology that renders native files rather than opening them in their original application.  This technology runs on Oracle, which only works in Internet Explorer.  It is our understanding that in future upgrades, kCura is working on a way to address this, but for now, there's no way around it.

The option that has had the most success and is seemingly the easiest for current clients is to use Bootcamp.  Bootcamp should already be installed if the Mac is running at least OS X 10.5 Leopard.  If not, you can upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion for $29* through iTunes (*as of September, 2011).  This will allow you to run Windows and Internet Explorer on your Mac.

For questions and guides on installing or troubleshooting Bootcamp, please visit

VMware is another option that will allow you to minimize your Windows screen and still operate in your Apple environment.  This is slightly more expensive at $79.99, but some users prefer not having to reboot their computer while switching between Apple and Windows environments.  You an get more information and purchase here.

Parallels also allows you to run a windows environment on a Mac.  Get more info and purchase here.